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Dj Heavy B

Bronson started turning out house parties back in 2008 with just a computer full of music and a set of his pop's speakers. After discovering virtual dj and learning the do's and don't of the party environment. DJ Heavy B was born in 2013.  

Since 2013, Bronson has been a mobile dj based in Atlanta, GA. He's done numerous events; weddings, family reunions, class reunions, engagement parties, baby showers, bachelor parties, corporate Christmas parties, toy drives, private house parties and many, many more. 

He considers himself one of the most diverse Dj's in the Atlanta area. At a Dj Heavy B party you will hear music from all over. Music such as; hip-hop, afro-beat, reggae, soca, bachata, salsa, dancehall, edm, pop, 90's booty-bass, freaknik music, new orleans bounce, etc. He caters to the crowd while keeping a fun environment, and exposing party goers to music they may have never been exposed to before.

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